Terms of Use

issue-alize for Redmine is provided in accordance with these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") determined by TailShape, Inc. (hereinafter "this Company"). Users must accept these Terms In order to use this Service. By starting the use of this Service, the user is deemed to have given its consent. Moreover, with respect to these Terms, in the event there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version and the version translated into other languages, the Japanese version shall supersede.

Article 1 Outline of Service

  1. This Service may use functions that can acquire data determined by this Company according to user input content or other functions determined by this Company.
  2. The content of this Service can be changed at any time by this Company's discretion without prior notice to the user. In addition, this Company does not promise to provide this Service continuously, and this Company can terminate the provision of this Service without prior notice to the user.
  3. This Company shall not be liable for any damages arising to the user in connection with any changes in the content of the preceding paragraph or the termination of provision.

Article 2 Warnings for Use

  1. This Service may not be available depending on the reception conditions of the information device used (hereinafter known as the 'Device'), some other functional restriction of the Device, or the user's settings on the Device.
  2. Information provided by this Service may not be factual and the content may not be accurate.
  3. The Information of this Service may not be available in some areas of the countries and regions where this Service is offered.

Article 3 Prohibitions

The user may not engage in any of the following in regards to this Service, and the software, documents, data, and logos therein:

  1. Use of this Service to directly pursue monetary gain or any other type of commercial profit;
  2. Deletion or alteration of product appearance, display of copyrights, any warning messages, or any restrictions based on property rights;
  3. Duplication, distribution, communication to the public, alteration, translation, adaptation, or creation of secondary works;
  4. Transfer, sales, conveyance or other method of disposition to a third party;
  5. Use by a third party by sub-licensing, loan or any other method;
  6. Conducting reverse engineering or any other analytical activity;
  7. Impeding the management of this Service, or damaging the reputation of this Service or any action that may do so;
  8. Illegal acts or acts that may violate the law;
  9. Acts that violates, restricts, or impedes the rights of this Company or a third party or may possibly do so;
  10. Any behavior, in addition to the aforementioned, that is deemed inappropriate by this Company.

Article 4 Costs Regarding the Use of this Service

Use of this Service may result in separate connection fee in accordance to those stipulated by the telecommunications provider. The connection fee shall be borne by the user.

Article 5 Suspension of this Service

This Company may suspend the provision of this Service, in part or in whole, without prior notice to the user, if any of the following circumstances occurs:

  1. When conducting the periodic or emergency maintenance checks of the system required to offer this Service;
  2. This Service cannot be provided for reasons of natural disaster, fire, power failures, riots etc.;
  3. This Service cannot be offered due to impediments in the means of communication, such as electrical transmission lines and computers etc.;
  4. This Service cannot be offered due to reasons not attributable to this Company, other than the aforementioned.

Article 6 Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights and any other rights related to this Service belong to this Company or a third party who has granted a license to this Company for the use of such intellectual property rights.

Article 7 Handling Information Pertaining to Users

This Company shall properly administer users' personal data obtained by this Company through the provision of this Service in compliance with the prescribed "TailShape's Privacy Policy."

Article 8 Guarantees and Liability

  1. This Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from or in connection with the use or inability to use this Service by the user, unless otherwise specified in these Terms.
  2. This Company does not warrant or guarantee that this Service is accurate, complete, safe, appropriate or valid to any specific purpose of the user. Additionally, this Company also gives no guarantee that this Service is free from infringement of intellectual property rights and defects and that this Service will operate without interruption.
  3. This Company is not responsible or liable for any damage to the user caused by interruptions to this Service, in part or in whole, arising from or connected to the reasons provided in Article 5.
  4. If the contract formed based on these Terms between the user and this Company corresponds with the consumer contract in Article 2.3 of the Consumer Contract Act (Act No. 61 of 2000), the stipulations entirely exempting this Company from responsibility, from among the stipulations of these Terms, shall not apply. Under these circumstances, if the damage to the user results from or is in connection with a default or unlawful act by this Company, with the exception of cases of intention or gross negligence by this Company, this Company will be responsible and liable for the direct and ordinary damage actually incurred by the user, and the compensation based on this liability shall not exceed an amount equivalent to 1 month of the Usage Fee.

Article 9 General Clauses

  1. The user may not pass on to a third party their contractual position in the use of this Service, nor transfer the rights and obligations therein, in part or in whole, to a third party, nor provide or guarantee such as collateral without the prior written consent of this Company.
  2. Should the user violate any of these Terms, this Company may immediately suspend or terminate the provision of this Service to the user without any notification.
  3. This Company may revise these Terms without prior notification or consent of the user. Any such revisions shall become valid when this Company releases the revised Terms on the Service or on this Company's website related to this Service. Users should use this Service upon confirming these Terms, as needed, and accepting such content.
  4. Should any of the provisions, or any part therein, of these Terms be deemed to be invalid or impossible to execute according to the Consumer Contract Act or other law, this shall not affect the binding power of any other provisions of these Terms other than the said provision or part therein.
  5. These terms shall be interpreted based on the laws of Japan.
  6. Should the need arise for legal action related to this Service, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction.

Revised on March 7, 2021

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